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"You can Lose Weight Even With The Typical Nepali Diet."

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A little about me.

I started training in around February of 2018. I struggled a lot with my weight loss journey because of a lack of good training and nutrition knowledge. It took me months and months of trying to understand the human body and exercise physiology to make a sustainable diet and training routine and stick to it. This took learning about behavior change as well. After I was able to make a good training routine, I started helping out friends who saw rapid changes unlike me because of good guidance that I didn't have. That's why I decided to start this business and help people gain the knowledge necessary to potentially change their lives.

I do Amazing Things for Clients

Fitness Training

I can make custom fitness plans for you.

Diet Planning

I can also make custom diet plans for you.

What my Clients Said

Training with Adamya was the best thing I could have done for my fitness goals. Over the course of 3 months, He's helped me lose more than 10 kilos and in such a way that it's sustainable. For anyone looking for guidance, I'd highly recommend Adamya. He's a good Trainer.
-Manoj Adhikari,
  Student, Australia
Adamya has been a vital part of keeping me consistent with the exercises I do. His method of training is in line with behavior change and he makes dynamic training plans and programs depending on how my lifestyle changes. He constantly pushes me and checks in very often to ensure that I'm doing what we agreed on. I enjoy having him as my trainer and it's changed how I approach exercises be it at home or at the gym
-Dip Jung Thapa,
  COO, Kratikal, India
I got see visible effective results on my body in a short period of time by training with Adamya. His way of providing training by pushing, motivating and controlling daily diet seems to be very effective.
-Nishant Khadka,
  Student, Nepal

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